Circênicos Company

The Circênicos Company was created in 2006 in Brasilia, the capital of  Brazil, by Gabriel Marques and Dan Marques. Over the years we have worked with more than 30 national and international artists in the cast of their shows. Today the company consists of four people, Gabriel Marques, Dan Marques, Filipe Duque and Arthur Marques.

In order to reach the most variety of audiences for these exciting shows, Cia. Circênicos creates structures, set designs and scripts independently that can be presented in conventional and unconventional spaces such as theaters, circus tents, squares, schools, hospitals and in the middle of people of large parties.

We created 4 different shows: UTOPIA; Circênicos Varietê; Funnykito Show; Mr. Bugiganga. And small shows as: Magician Malabin; Button Show; Pescador de Ilusões; Mundo ao Contrário. The company brings together circus techniques, theater, mime, illusion, magic and clown/humor.

Over these 8 years Circênicos has stood out in the scene of world circus. The company has travelled and presented their spectacles in more than 35 countries on 5 continents and won six international awards so far!

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